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Bot Development telegram


From idea to finished product, in 5 days, at a competitive price, due to extensive experience and best practices.


Why creation of telegram chat bot is convenient?

Simple usage of bot

To interact with the bot it is enough to open the messenger on your device

Bot’s application area

The bot can serve completely different purposes. From entertaining to business ones

Flexible configuration

A bot can be taught anything from receiving orders to generating reports


No additional software

To work with a bot just one of popular messengers is required

Why our team of developers


We started our long way with bots for Vkontakte, we have been working with Telegram bots since their appearance, during this time we received priceless experience and trust of our customers.


Due to the ideas and practice gained during all the time in the field of bots, we save on time, but do not economize on quality.

The result

Our goal is to make your business more efficient. And that is what we do every day!

Individual approach

We find the best solutions for each problem and each person.


You are provided with support throughout all the development period, as well as two weeks after the release.

Cool and friendly team

We are a motivated and united team with a common desire to make this world better :)

Our bots



Bot to search and read articles from Wikipedia - the largest educational resource of the world. The articles are ported to Instant View mode, for reading them directly from the telegram.



Bot in support of the new film, communicates in the style of the protagonist.
Able to maintain a dialogue, says funny things.
P.S. Do not take seriously
P.P.S. Attention! There is profanity.



Bot, in which you can get free bitcoins. A very popular bot. On the backend, the statistics are updated intensively and displayed on the admin panel. Also works the dispatch and administration of the bot members.



Bot in support of the reform of the new Ukrainian school. Will help parents and teachers with information about the reform, an interactive tour of the class. Information is divided into categories. Everyone gets what interests him!



A simple informative bot for a cottage town. If you need to urgently make a business card, this is a real competitor to the pages. This bot is made faster, it can be done from scratch in 1 day, and also it gives more interactivity and it's really something new for the client.



Bot to help with travel and travel. A good example of how tech support to combine with the features of bots and efficient use, saving both the moderator support and the user.


SIAS signal bot

Bot for the sale of crypto signals. Accepts payment for a subscription at BTC, and most importantly, it means to trade at binance without leaving the bot, if you connect your account to the bot with an access key.
There is a web-based admin with a wide functionality, a referral system with the ability to withdraw bonuses to your BTC wallet.



Bot for a paid subscription. Integration with the payment system of Intress is realized, which allows accepting payments from completely different purses, from ordinary MasterCard, Visa, electronic Qiwi, to BTC crypto currency, etc.
The customer receives an admin panel, in which he sends paid information to users depending on their subscription plan.

The price of developing a chat bot for Telegram



Questions and answers

Registration, sending to email


Bot with commands for chat



price Calculator

Geolocation (the nearest place)

Delayed posting

Automatic chat manager



Dispatch through the admin area

Ban/unban through the admin area

Statistics of usage

Integration with light API

Bot – site substitute


Full integration with your company

Would you like to order an individual bot chat development?

*Selection of the required functionality with an individual price


A great performer, very responsive and not arrogant. Clearly explained everything completed the task in the shortest terms. Would be nice to work together again!))



Everything was daone really fast and in shortest terms! Highly recommend!

Dmitry Kovalev

Anton is a great specialist. All tasks were implemented perfectly and provided very good code. Strongly recomend to cooperation!

Sergey Gulescu


Great specialist! Everything is done really quickly and qualitatively!

Irina Klimova




Can you make chat bots?

We create all kinds of bots, from exchangers and informers, to chatbots.

Can a bot be integrated with CRM-system, with which one?

Yes, it can be done with any system that has an api.

Can you integrate the payment system into a bot?

Yes, there is an experience of integration with qiwi, liqpay, Yandex Money.

Can a bot write first?

Unfortunately the bot can not write to a person who has never written to him before. For such purposes we can offer the use of ordinary accounts, which we can automate, like bots.

Can I get a phone number of a user?

Yes, but only if user agrees and presses the button.

Can I get a list of group / supergroup members?

Yes, we have an application for this.

Where to keep/host a bot?

On any hosting with support for python3 and pip (almost all).

Can you implement a referral system in a bot?

Yes, you can use the invitation links.

Take your business telegram!

We'll get all the members of the groups and supergroups, instantly register, or copy posts from the right channels into yours and much more!

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Our project

Our team of developers



CEO, Founder, Architect of bots



Database architect, python developer



Python dev, scripts, webserver

Education: KPI (Computer and Robotic Systems)

Enjoy sport and client-server architecture :)

Skills: Python: Flask, Django(base), aiohttp(base), pytg, pyQt5, telebot/pyTelegramBotApi, bs4, vk, threading, selenium, etc. C++: Cocos2d-x, Qt(base). Php. Base front-end skills, experience with bootstrap4. Base angular. Base knowlege of bash.

More than 3 years ago I started to develop bots for Vkontakte and half a year later for telegram. For three years I worked in freelance in the field of development of bots, also worked with web studios on partner terms. I assembled the team and decided to open my small bots development studio - Momentum bots.


Educarion: KPI (system engineering)

Enjoy rock-concerts and fests. Interested in football and guitar.

Skills:C, Qt C++, C# (Base), PHP(Base), Python3 (Flask, Django, PyTelegramBot, PyQt5, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Web scraping, web2py, keras, TensorFlow), MySQL, MongoDB, Travis CI, Bootstrap4

Education: KPI (program engineering, department of technical cybernetics)

Dream to become Richard from “Silicon Valley” in the field of data science)

Skills:Python: Django(base), numpy, pandas, scipy, matplotlib telebot/pyTelegramBotApi, bs4, vk, threading, selenium, etc. C#: ASP.NET, WPF. Java(base). Experience with kali, ubuntu, mint. Knowing principles of OOP and SEO.

Our customers